Dra. Gliset Colón

Welcome to Valley Equity Consulting. I am Dr. Gliset C. Morales, owner and educational consultant. I am proud to say that I am a Puerto Rican woman born and raised in Buffalo, New York and grew up in the working class neighborhood known as the Valley. My family is from Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Therefore, I strive to share the stories of my ancestors (Taíno or Indigenous, African, and European) in my work. I identify as being Hispanic and/or Latina. My pronouns are ella, she, and her.

The logo for Valley Equity Consulting highlights the color purple. Besides being my favorite color, the color purple “encourages self-knowledge and deepening our understanding of our innermost thoughts.” It is my goal to increase the knowledge and understanding of practitioners in the field of bilingual special education to promote Equity in the education of multilingual learners with and without disabilities.

I am currently an Associate Professor in the Exceptional Education Department at SUNY Buffalo State University. I have the distinct pleasure of coordinating the Bilingual Inclusive Education Graduate Certificate Program. I am actively involved in several professional organizations including the New York State Association for Bilingual Education (NYSABE).

Beyond my teaching endeavors, I am deeply immersed in research exploration and service initiatives. My expertise spans across literacy and language outcomes for multilingual students, with and without disabilities, delving into multi-tiered systems of support, disproportionality, and the nuances of culturally and linguistically relevant instruction and assessment. Recently, I have explored the intersection of art and advocacy, broadening the scope of my scholarly pursuits.