Professional Development

Refers specifically to the facilitation of a (virtual or in-person) workshop, seminar, presentation, and/or book study, or combination thereof.  

List of topics include (but are not limited to):

Issues and trends in bilingual special education

Differentiating instruction and assessment for Multilingual learners (ELLs/MLLs)

Teaching and assessing in multiple Languages

Intersection of immigration and education

Teaching language skills across the content areas 

Equitable family engagement for multilingual learners (ELLs/MLLs)

Distinguishing between language difference and language disabilities

Writing culturally and linguistically responsive IEPS 

Teaching and assessing for bi-literacy: identifying cross-linguistic transfer patterns from Spanish to English

Peer-assisted learning strategies (PALS)

Overview of disabilities

Culturally responsive behavior management

High-leverage practices for students with disabilities

Rights and responsibilities of parents during the special education process

Bi/Multilingual Program Reviews

Refers specifically to classroom visits, instructional observations, focus groups, interviews, review of school/district protocols, and/or follow up virtual meetings, or combination thereof.  

The program review will result in a comprehensive written report of findings with recommendations for next steps. Potential outcomes as a result of visit and data review include but are not limited to recommendations for revisions to protocols for reviewing and analyzing data, recommendations for adjustments to program structure and instructional practices, recommendations for professional development plan, etc., all with a focus on ELLs/MLLs.


Remuneration for services will be tailored around and designed to meet the specific needs of the school district, BOCES, or other local education agency.  Fees structure is inclusive of all preparation, materials, travel, and/or lodging expenses. Consecutive, multiple full day sessions will receive a discounted rate.

Please contact Dr. Morales for fee structure.